My Transformative Journey: Unveiling the 14-Day Reset Experience

Round 1: Feb 2024 - A Deep Dive into Self-Discovery

Embarking on the 14-Day Reset journey in February 2024 was more than just a commitment to healthier habits; it became a profound exploration of self. In this round, I incorporated 3 drops of DiGize, 5 drops of Copaiba, and 5 drops of Longevity three times a day. The results were not just numerical – a reduction of 3 lbs. and 4.875 inches – but a testament to the impactful changes happening within.

Bodily Detox and Renewal: A Personal Odyssey

One of the standout aspects was the noticeable detoxification process. Experiencing crusty eyes in the night and morning signaled not just a detox from the physical, but also a release from within. Regular bowel movements, 2-3 times a day, were complemented by mucus buildup, effectively managed by incorporating enemas at the end of each week, leading to a refreshing morning cleanse.

The Power of 14 Days: A Gateway to Sustainable Habits

What truly resonated with me about the 14-day reset was the manageable timeframe. It aligns with healing programs and dietary changes, making it a potent tool for instilling new habits. Holding firm for 14 days allows for a realistic evaluation and sets the foundation for sustainable changes.

Rediscovering Inner Power: The Essence of the Five Focuses

The simplicity of the five focuses – from drinking NingXia Red to mindful movement – puts the power back in your hands. In a world where external fixes are often sought, the 14-day reset serves as a reminder that true change and empowerment come from within.

Customizing the Journey: A Personal Approach to Each Focus

Each of the five focuses can be explored at a depth of your choosing in every round. The beauty lies in the ability to listen within, reconnect, and truly understand yourself.
The 14-Day Reset 5 things which you do daily:

  1. Drinking NingXia Red - the Superstar antioxidant drink
  2. Drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water
  3. Eating clean & eliminating inflammation causing foods
  4. Move your body at least 30 minutes - any way you choose
  5. Intentionally reducing & managing your stress

Supplemental Triumphs: Copaiba and DiGize

My main supplement focus during this round was the use of essential oils in capsules. Witnessing the disappearance of inflammation and pain related to Morton’s neuroma, thanks to Copaiba, was a game-changer. DiGize also played a role in detoxing, bidding farewell to glyphosate.

Hydration Mastery: A Conscious Daily Effort

Tracking daily water intake became a vital ritual. Calculating the required ounces in my trusty Bubba cup, experimenting with flavored white balsamic vinegar, Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water, and crafting a ginger tonic kept the hydration journey interesting. The aim was to conclude consumption by 7 pm, ensuring an uninterrupted night's sleep.

Maintaining Dietary Harmony: A Few Tweaks and Moderation

While my eating habits remained fairly consistent, the 14-day reset prompted a closer look. The absence of nighttime snacking was a natural byproduct of increased water consumption. Despite a few meals out and the occasional indulgence in alcohol, moderation prevailed.

Adapting Movement to Heal: Nurturing My Body

Navigating a reduced workout phase due to a neuroma, my approach was gentle yet consistent. Shorter walks, cycling workouts, and a sprinkle of strength exercises marked the beginning of a more nuanced fitness routine, with plans to incorporate more in the future.

A Breakthrough in Stress Management: A Heart-Opening Meditation Ritual

The 14-day reset ushered in a transformative breakthrough in managing stress. Initiating a daily meditational review, focusing on releasing patterns and keeping my heart open, proved to be a powerful tool for maintaining emotional well-being.
In conclusion, the 14-day reset not only reshaped my physical well-being but also served as a portal to a deeper understanding of self. Through mindful practices, nutritional adjustments, and a commitment to self-care, this journey has become a testament to the transformative power of intentional living. Here's to continued exploration and growth in the rounds to come!


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