Meditations on Stillness: Becoming Present

Be still and know….

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the five elements (earth, metal, water, fire, wood) mentions that there must be a time of full stop within the cycle.  I had noticed in my own life about a month ago that a full stop was needed and that the time was now. Current events have now brought this full stop on a grand scale, not by choice. For some this full stop brings about a sense of worry or fear, not calm. 

This is truly a time to be present and work on our fear, connect to our hearts and inner spirit.  Stop all our activities and reflect on their purpose and move forward only in the areas which are in balance with our soul.  

“We are Human Beings, Not Human Doings” – Dalai Lama

Simply being…

You might have heard this saying – now is time to truly put this into daily action.  Can you simply be? Are you able to sit still and simply take one to three deep breaths and be present allowing your thoughts to empty?

I know that sense of going, moving, doing, thinking, action, activity – filling every minute of your day and thoughts with something and moving through your actions not fully present with some type of incessant mind chatter in the background.  Life in this manner keeps one disconnected from inner voice/wisdom and spirit. 

Inner Knowing 

It is from the act of being that we connect with our higher self or spirit (whichever term sits right with you). This higher self or inner knowing is the ultimate inner knowing with which we choose to connect to know and understand our body’s needs and messages.  We have lost this connection to our body’s knowledge and communication due to our cultural changes over the past decades. We have been drawn away from this connection through our modern world of…

  • Convenience
  • Better living through science
  • Fast Food
  • Quick fixes
  • A pill for every ill
  • Treating the symptoms, not the source

We have been treating our bodies as machines and we all come from the same assembly line. 

Reality is we are all unique,  Bio individuals, a creation of our… 

  • Ancestral lineage
  • Environment
  • Culture
  • Choices

As I have shared before, as we take care of our own well-being, these actions help us to better take care of our world — the earth.

Cultivating Connections

Our current culture has treated our earth as a tool for our free use.  Truly we are a part of this earth – earthlings. A cog in the wheel, not the wheel itself.  Current events have shown what a global society we live in. Yet truly we need to build our webs tighter – creating stronger local connections.  Perhaps we need to go back to how things used to be where communities provided many resources from the local area — That’s a whole topic on its own.  

Right now, let’s simply be.  Be still. Go within. Seek the calm and peace.  

Part of building connections — within oneself and as part of the process of building tighter webs — is to offer support. 

“History shows that the biggest enemy of humanity is not a virus, or a bacterium, or any other microbe. Our biggest enemy is FEAR! Fear destroys our immune system, creates chronic illnesses in the body, destroys our relationships with other people and scares us away from Mother Nature. In short: fear destroys our lives! This ‘pandemic’ is one of the biggest exercises in mass fear whipped up in recent times, and it is bewildering just how successful it is!”

– Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Action cures fear.

Fear is excitement without the breath. 

If you or someone you know is living in fear, offer them love and support.  Breathwork and entering the present moment are simple, powerful tools. Explore basic breathwork exercises and other activities that focus on the internal.

Videos for Inspiration

Encouraging and lifting one another up are so important, always, and especially now. In the following videos, I share insight with the hope that you will feel inspired to take action for yourself or to share with others. 

There are many essential oils that aid in an emotional shift. I discuss these in detail in a recent video: 

I encourage you to do something regularly which feeds your soul. Here, I discuss some of my favorites and ask for your input:

If you’d like to try my favorite soul-feeding activity, go forest bathing! Here is a virtual minute if you cannot get outdoors:

“We cannot rely on the external as the external world is unstable and in the process of great change and transformation as has been predicted by many indigenous peoples, channels and prophecies. It is up to each one of us to travel inward and to connect with our own internal source of power and creativity in order to create the new for ourselves and the planet.” 

– Lena Stevens


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