The Art of Essential Oil Diffusing

The Art of Essential Oil Diffusing
Discover the wonders of essential oil diffusing in our latest blog post. Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants that offer a range of therapeutic benefits. Diffusing these oils allows their aromatic compounds to be inhaled, promoting physical and mental wellness. There are different types of diffusers available, from ultrasonic diffusers that disperse a fine mist of water and oils to nebulizing diffusers that directly release pure essential oil into the air. The benefits of diffusing go beyond pleasant scents, with potential advantages such as stress reduction, improved sleep, enhanced focus and concentration, respiratory support, and mood elevation. To make the most of diffusing, choose high-quality oils, personalize your blend, dilute mindfully, consider your environment, and maintain your diffuser regularly. Let the symphony of scents guide you on a journey of relaxation, focus, and rejuvenation.

What is Your Most Intimate Skin Care Product?

What is Your Most Intimate Skin Care Product?
Here is a question I best most of you have never pondered…

What is your most intimate skin care product?

Keep in mind, our skin absorbs much that comes into contact.  Test this out by having someone rub a clove a garlic on the bottom of your foot.  See how long it takes until you taste that garlic in your mouth?
So what has the most contact with our skin for the longest amount of time?
The answer….
laundry soap
Your laundry detergent.
Think about it. 
Most of the day you are in your clothing which is in contact with your skin.  At night no matter what you wear to bed, your sheets are touching you all night long.  Short of the time we are in the shower, we are in contact with our laundry detergent almost all day long.
When you purchase your laundry detergent did you take this concept into account?
Or do you simple purchase something inexpensive for which you have a coupon?  
Perhaps now you might see why the organic, environmentally safe detergents may be something to bring into your home.
Did you ever wonder why they make special laundry detergents just for babies?

 baby laundry
If your everyday laundry detergent isn’t safe for a baby, perhaps it isn’t safe for you.
I did an interesting experiment a few years ago with laundry detergents.  I had three 8-ounce glass jars which I filled with water and put into each ½ tsp of Tide, Bio clean and Norwex UPP powders.  I shook them up to see how much solid matter was left behind with each.  Often cheap brand of detergents contains fillers whose sole job is to take up space and beat your clothing clean.  It also breaks down your fabrics reducing the life of your garments.  This was an eye-opening experiment.
But wait there’s more.
I left these jars sit for at least a year.  Honestly I had saved them for show and tell and then they were forgotten in a corner.  When I went to empty the jars another story was told.  The jar with the Tide had a cloudy film covering the inside.  This film was stubborn and would not be removed with scrubbing, but took many long soaks with vinegar and more to finally be removed.
Think about it, this detergent is not only beating your wash with filler, but coating it in a film.  What is in this film?  This film is then in constant contact with your flesh.  Many of these films hold synthetic fragrances.  This is evidenced by those individuals whose detergent scents leap out and greet you before they do.  Go in a public place, they are there.  Sadly, often it is friends and family members too.  If you cannot think of an individual whose detergent greets you, it just may be you.
Want to find a synthetic free laundry detergent which won’t beat your wash, offend your neighbors and is safe for your skin and that of a baby?
You may find ratings and more at the environmental working group or you may try my favorite: Young Living Thieves Laundry Soap
When asked what does it smell like? my answer – it doesn’t.  It simply leaves your clothing clean and the only material in contact with your flesh is the material on the label of the garment.  (now what that material is, is another issue)

The small things we do regularly truly do make a difference over time.  Think about your small actions. 

What laundry detergent are you using?  Let alone fabric softeners or dryer sheets? (again an issue for another time, but neither of these are necessary and both are simply adding a coating to your fabrics and machines)

How are your choices affecting you and your family? 
Do they support or harm your well-being?
Perhaps making a change in your laundry detergent can be a small step towards your best health.