Disruptions in the gut’s ecology have been associated with damage to the GI “mucosal” membrane and increased permeability.  This in turn may allow partially digested proteins, toxins, undigested food particles and infectious agents to penetrate the intestinal lining creating a “leaky gut”. Ultimately this condition  may lead to a host of chronic issues – including allergic responses to food ; which may increase the potential for local infections as well as adverse autoimmune reactions.

Providing beneficial micro-flora or probiotic through supplementation serves to improve intestinal tract function and overall health by:

  1. protecting the body against pathogenic organisms – such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  2. facilitating production of anti-inflammatory components in the gut wall
  3. creating amino acids, hormones, vitamins and antioxidants

For  a quick overview watch Microwarriors: the Power of Probiotics – put out but the International Probiotics Association

brands I have used and recommend include:

  • Prescript-Assist™
  • Theralac™
  • TruFlora™
  • GutPro