Nourishment does not simply go in your mouth.

While we are not always chewing and swallowing food, we are always feeding our mind.  Every observation is processed within our minds.

Just look at this picture of a lemon being squeezed.

Lemon squeezed

Can you smell the citrus scent in the air?

Do you feel the sour taste in your mouth?

Your brain has processed the lemon as if it were really there.  Your brain does not differentiate between tangible and intangible.  Both are processed the same.

Every thought, image, sound, idea nourishes your brain and creates your being.

What’s your mind being fed?

Positive thoughts and creative ideas?  Sensational news, violent scenes or degrading lyrics?

Darren Hardy states “the most powerful influence on your life – the information for the input that you feed your mind.  If we want to produce different results in life we have to think differently.”

Are you looking to change any aspect of your being? Step back and review your nourishment.  Your daily diet includes not only breakfast, lunch and dinner but also your environment.  Before you open your eyes each morning, what are the thoughts in your head?  What do you hear in your neighborhood or on the radio, music, podcast?  What do you see in your room and out your windows?

The smallest things practiced or observed regularly will have the greatest influence over time.

As Albert Einstein said,

Einstein quote

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Penny for your thoughts?