Does sunlight cause skin cancer?

Or is the sun really an immune booster?

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride lists in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Top Ten Influences which boost Immunity

#10. Exposure to sunlight and sensible sunbathing.

Top Ten Influences which Damage Immunity

#8.  Lack of Exposure to Sunlight

Watch the below video for the Myth Buster on Sunlight and Cancer

Problems with sun exposure are due to lack of nutrients.   Increase nutritional intake and antioxidants in your skin and you will not burn and will have a decreased cancer risk.

Sunlight is by far the most important source of  vitamin D .sun

Wonderful food sources include: Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil, eggs, butter, liver and fats from pastured animals.

As I changed my own nutrition, embraced healthy fats and take my Green Pasture Cod Liver oil – my fair skin which used to always burn even with sunscreen, now gets a healthy tan without the use of toxic products.  And I hold my color better throughout the winter months.  I also had other improvements in hormonal issue (note vitamin D is really a hormone), mood, cognition and more.  Embrace the sun as you embrace your wellness journey.