NW Cook County Weston A. Price (NWCC-WAPF) Chapter Meeting

Friday September 30th 7:00 – 9:00
Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Hendrickson Room

Watch:  The Politics of Beef, Joel Salatin’s Keynote address (1 hr)
Tom German of Thankful Harvest Farms will share Why Pastured?  The nutritional differences in pastured meat vs. conventional farming

Thankful Harvest Farm is accepting orders to be delivered the night of the meeting.  Their all beef hot dogs are fantastic.  Not all products are currently available, most beef and just leg of lamb and cheeses, popcorn etc.  Poultry currently out of stock.  Call 712-830.3281, or email tagerman@netllc.net or  kristijo@netllc.net to place your order.