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Every single person that becomes a customer with Young Living has the option to share, via a referral link. When you share that referral link as a customer, you’ll earn 25% in product credit.

Wanna get paid in DOLLARS instead of product credit? Earn 50% commission by upgrading to a Brand Partner for FREE.

Go to My Account, then click Become A Brand Partner. Agree to terms & receive an email with link to your digital Business Essentials Kit, resources, training, virtual office, & everything you need to get started!

For our existing customers, upgrading is all it takes to pivot to this thrilling opportunity. And if you're new to our community—welcome! Be sure to use a friend's referral link to connect with our vibrant Health in Your Hands community.

Whether you're here to transform your own wellness journey, looking to share health and happiness with others, or aiming to empower your financial independence, Young Living is here to support you every step of the way. Welcome aboard!

Now is the time to take your Young Living journey to the next level by sharing the love and wellness we've all experienced! First thing's first, secure your very own referral link. 

Here's how: Simply sign into your Young Living account and navigate to the "Share YL" section. There, you'll find your personal link. Go ahead, copy it, and save it somewhere safe on your phone for easy sharing.

By sharing this link, you open up an avenue to earn! When someone orders through your link, you're rewarded. And what's the ultimate way to introduce people to the wonders of Young Living? Our "Make a Shift Kits" are the perfect starting point. Not only do these kits offer incredible value by allowing new customers to explore a wide variety of our products at a significant discount, but they also allow you, the referrer, to earn a fabulous $50 commission with each kit sold through your link.

Quick Tip: For a smoother, faster way to receive your earnings, opt-in for Direct Deposit. This way, your earnings are directly transferred to your bank account without delay. You can set this up by going to the Virtual Office, then My Account, and finally clicking on My Profile to configure your Direct Deposit settings.

This is your moment to shine, to share, and to earn. Embrace the journey, spread the wellness, and let's make a positive shift together with Young Living.

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