Renee Renz


As a child, I suffered from constant migraines, nausea, and sinus infections as well as other health issues which were never addressed. They were labeled, treated with drugs, and monitored. I basically learned my “normal” was vomiting and having headaches every day. I thought I just had to live this way.

When I had severe postpartum depression, I thought I had to just live with that too. But I wasn’t living and I was afraid of negatively affecting my children because of it. I had to make a change. There had to be a different way.

I truly believe being sick is not normal.

In searching for improved health for me and my family, I have learned small changes in everyday habits can have major long term effects on our health. Through changing diet, lifestyle, attitude I came to know a greater sense of wellness and began to experience life without physical suffering.


  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® by NANP
  • M.S. in Holistic Nutrition – Clayton College of Natural Health
  • Certified GAPS™ Practitioner (Gut & Psychology Syndrome)
  • Weston Price Chapter Leader
  • GMO Speaker training with Jeffrey Smith
  • Aromatic Kinesiology, Robbi Zeck ND
  • First degree Reiki Practitioner and Basic Quantum-Touch training
  • Second degree Reiki Practitioner
  • Essential Oil Training and Education
  • Initial Awakening , More Than Body, and Self-Rediscovery & Life Transformation Workshop, Dahn Center
  • BSMSE -Kettering University