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Gut & Psychology Syndrome (GAPS™) refers to the connection between the health of the gut and our microbiome and its’ effect on the function of the brain.  It was developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to help those with autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia.

GAPS™ healing protocol has also been found to help individuals with allergies, autoimmune issues, skin conditions, IBD, thyroid conditions, diabetes, obesity and many more chronic conditions.

GAPS Syndrome is not one disease, but an overlap of many symptoms leading to your overall state of health.  Individual’s symptoms may not fit perfectly into a diagnostic box for a certain disease, but many of the symptoms are present.  The premise of the GAPS Syndrome is that issues within the digestive system are underlying factors in the well-being of other systems.  By increasing the health of the digestive system, a multitude of other body systems can see improvement.

GAPS™ is a healing protocol which through Diet and Detoxification restores

  1. the integrity of the gut lining from mouth to anus and its microbiome.
  2. immune function
  3. natural detoxification systems

GAPS Made Easy online program includes:

12 lessons breaking down the GAPS Protocol into bite sized pieces

  1. Introduction to GAPS:  Grasp the basic GAPS concepts, understand the structure of the gut and the gut flora or microbiome and what effects their integrity and what effects this has upon our health and that of our children.
  2. Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Understand the connection between the digestive system and mental conditions, and what GAPS symptoms look like.
  3. Gut and Physiology Syndrome: Understand how the health of the gut is related to physical and autoimmune issues.
  4. GAPS Nutritional Protocol:  Key Components of GAPS Program. Supplementation Overview. Detox + Chelation Overview.
  5. The Full GAPS Diet: What you can eat on the Full GAPS diet, along with food lists for all meals, how to introduce dairy, as well as sample menus, GAPS recipes, and more.
  6. Stages of the GAPS Diet: What you eat on the stages of the GAPS Introduction Diet, with downloadable quick guide. Information on transitioning from stage to stage, transitioning to Full GAPS, and coming off the GAPS diet.
  7. Supplements for GAPS: Supplements commonly used in GAPS, with a supplement resource list included.
  8. Detoxification: The importance of the detoxification component of the GAPS protocol and how it works. Topics covered include juicing, sunbathing, detox baths, resources, and more.
  9. Practical Issues and Troubleshooting: Now for some practical matters…from fussy eating to constipation and more. We also discuss common GAPS issues and DIY remedies to help.
  10. A Healthy Future:  If you are of conceiving age, having a new baby, or know someone preparing to have a baby, this is for you! GAPS can also be helpful for conceiving, preparing for pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding in a thoughtful way, as traditional people groups did.  Let’s make the health of the next generation better than ours.
  11. Cardiovascular Health: Heart disease myths that have been around since the middle of the last century. Learn Dr. Natasha’s explanations of the origins of the diet-heart hypothesis and how critically important fats are to every cell in our body. We cover how to prevent heart disease naturally.
  12. Genomics: Learn about errors or SNPs in your DNA.  While you can’t change your DNA, if you know your SNPs, you can change the potential impact! Learn about Genomics and how you can customize your diet and lifestyle to either provide extra support when and where you need it, or even develop a strategy to bypass the problem area altogether.

Each lesson walks attendees through creating their own GAPS story, healing goals and plan. 

Recipes and resources included with the lessons

Group support and interaction with private Facebook group

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