5 Pillars of a Great Life

Here is what you need to be successful

Get Ready

What is your mindset? “Most real failures are due to limitations which men set up in their own minds.” -Napoleon Hill

With a healthy mindset you may accomplish what you desire. With the proper preparation we can establish a mindset and more to carry you to your goals.

Do you truly believe your health and well being rests in your hands and daily habits?

Are you ready to take back your power and own your own wellness?

Only you live in your skin 24/7 therefore only you can truly know how your body, mind and spirit respond to stimuli. Are you ready to learn your body’s’ language?

It is the small things you do regularly which you will invoke change.

While it may appear that there is a long journey ahead – every journey begins with one step. The first step – Believe!


One pill to heal your ailments or one simple change to correct all that ails you does not exist. The path to wholeness will take many steps and changes over time. Generally it takes a few month simply to feel like you know what you are doing each day without having questions and needed resources to guide you. Allow that time and don’t push yourself too hard. Know that on average the GAPS healing journey take 18 months to 2 years.

Make note of how you feel right now. Often as we improve in our wellness we forget what we overcame to get there.

What are your health goals? List three changes which would make your life better:

(1) … (2) … (3) ..

Why do you wish to make changes in your diet and lifestyle? Understanding your why will help you through the tough moments.

Get Connected

“If you can feel it you can heal it.” – Ravi Singh

Go within and feel, stop ignoring and covering up the messages within. Listen and learn to make changes affecting the cause of the issue.

I myself spent the first decades of my life denying what was going on within my body. Once I made the connection within, I was able to create change on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. The key is the breath. Through the use of regular breath work on can calm the body, mind emotions and become present and aware. Awareness if a key tool to aid in understanding your body’s feedback systems, key needs and more.

Take a deep breath.

Become present and tune in to the chatter inside your head. Awareness is the first step in all journeys. Awareness will guide you to make connections to thoughts or habits which help or hinder. Create a new normal with a positive, aware mind which will guide you to accomplish what you desire.

Get Education

When I work with clients I give resources to guide them on the healing journey, teach healthy habits and address individual issues. Everyone learns in different ways therefore I provide written client reports, blogs, individual consultations, group classes and trainings on aspects including diet, supplementation and lifestyle.

Nutrition is not simply what one feeds the body, but also the mind. Some recommended reading and resources to feed your mind may be found here http://astore.amazon.com/renren0e-20

# 1 recommendation – Read Gut & Psychology Syndrome – this will help you understand what is happening in your body and the changes needed for wellness.

Get Support

No man is an island.

Create your support team – spouse, other family friends – who will support you on your journey? How will they support you?

The healing journey is going to create changes in you emotionally as well as physically. Are you ready for the emotional roller coaster? If you are helping your children or other family members are you ready to handle their emotional outbursts? Enlist a support team to aid you through the variety of terrain ahead.

Key individuals to include are:

  • Those with whom you have the closest contact – Spouses, parents, children, other family members, friends. Among these individuals you need to know who is going to support you as well as those who may not. Friends and family members who understand your goals will help keep you on your path. Others may create additional stress and should be avoided.
  • Others on a similar journey – find your tribe. Join a GAPS Connections Group or other type of like minded individuals who have traveled or are traveling the path you are on. We can all learn from each other as well as create a network of accountability.
  • Trained professionals who have dealt with life issues personally and professionally. They will be able to offer all aspects of support but also track progress and help you maintain your goals.