It happens so often in ‘health care” these days – we give away our power by seeking answers from and blindly trusting professionals. Granted, they do have experience and knowledge we often don’t about how the  body functions and other beneficial information.  But when it comes to what to do with our own bodies, we are the only ones who live within these bodies 24/7.   That gives us an innate power; a gift it would be unwise to ignore.

I recall hearing Dr. Bruce Rind speaking at a Weston A Price Foundation conference about 8 years ago. He shared that he had the following sign hanging in every treatment room in his office:


Your best physician is you

The medical professional is your consultant

If the above is forgotten, you are the one in trouble



While this message is quite empowering, it may also be a bit frightening.  If you are like me, society has taught you to ignore your pains; to cover them up with a pill and learn to live with it.  If we are to be our best physician –  a person who cures physical, moral or spiritual ills; a healer – have we been asking good questions of ourselves as well as our professional consultants on our healing journey? Have we listened for and pondered on the answers?

It has been said that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.  Yes, we have been living at least that long, but how many of those hours have we truly been present within? Mindful? Aware? Listening and understanding?  

We need to tap into our inner wisdom and learn the language of our body and what it is telling us.  As we do this we will discover the best ways to react to the messages our body is sending.  That is the journey I have been on myself. I have come from a place of having a high tolerance for pain, living outside my body and ignoring it, to now honoring all the little signs and signals within and knowing how to react and tend to things in a timely fashion before they get out of hand and cause dis-ease.  The little things done regularly are what are going to have the greatest impact over time.  

So, join me on this journey.  The journey within.  

They say that is the toughest journey for man – going from your head, to your heart, down into your gut and trusting that inner wisdom which we all have.  

On that journey know that it takes baby steps: we need to learn to crawl before we can walk.  We will not be an expert overnight.  Building that trust and wisdom takes time.  Time will spent; so do allow that to occur.

Enjoy the Journey!