As I head to the NTA Conference “It Begins in the Gut”, I am reflecting on my current knowledge, experiences and beliefs shaping my love of the Gut. I am a Gut Geek and here are seven reasons why.
1. Integrity of the gut is critical for absorption of nutrients and/or toxins which impacts all cells and systems within.
2. Our immune system can not function without a healthy gut.
3. Our brains cannot function fully without a healthy gut.
4. Our outer skin is a reflection of our inner skin or gut. Thus our blemishes and rashes are sign and symptoms of what is occurring within the gut.
5. Pains and allergies could be due to a “leaky gut”. Prior to healing my gut I endured constant migraines, nausea, seasonal sinus infections and believed in a “natural” increase in allergies due to aging.
6. Gut contains the majority of our microbiome. These are the wonderful creatures within which when of the “right” mix perform countless beneficial actions such as producing enzymes, vitamins, hormones and neurotransmitters, removing toxins, maintaining our immunity.
7. Dr. Rodney Diertert in book The Human Super Organism answers the Scientific Challenge: If you could pick one sign that best distinguishes a lifetime of health from one filled with diseases what would that be? Self completion of the human microbial superorganism. AKA: microbiome and how it is formed, grown and fed – the greatest predictor of health.
How do we create a healthy gut and microbiome?

The greatest factor is lifestyle and diet. Lifestyle is all the small choices we make regularly which expose us to toxins creating a build up of issues limiting the abilities of the body or support natural functions and release toxicity. Diet refers to everything we “feed” ourselves – not just through our mouths, but skin, nose, mind – all inputs. I will be sharing many of these little things which have big impacts in the future.

I look forward to any additions and alterations which come about from my experiences this week.

Stay tuned…..