This morning’s Darren Daily posting asked “Why aren’t you better” and the point was that we can always find an excuse or some one or thing else to blame unless

we take 100% responsibility for every condition on our life.

If found this quite fitting as I also read of the interviews for Episode 2 of Vaccines Revealed. Specifically: Sayer Ji shares his experience of growing up as a Vaccine Injured child.

Now I never looked into the timing of my vaccinations as a child and my first seizure about a month before my 5th birthday.  But could there have been a connection?  If so – would that make a difference at this point in my life?

Unfortunately my parents are not alive to address this question, nor is my pediatrician.  Fortunately I realized over 15 years ago now, that if I no longer wish to suffer from daily migraines, nausea, constant sinus infections, constipation and more – I needed to take full responsibility for my health and my life.

A large part of making responsible choices is to have the education and knowledge to know and understand what choices are available.   Education is empowerment.

Asking questions should be your first instinct.  Seek an answer which address all your concerns, not simply because that is the way it has been done.  Why has something been done this way?  Unless you can understand and own the why, you can never take full responsibility.

Allow the questions to test your beliefs.  Thru questioning and testing your belief Either your belief get stronger or you will realize that it needs to change.

I came to the realization recently that our children’s questions are a gift to us – providing an opportunity to test our beliefs and see if they are truly ours and how we wish to live.  Thus allowing us the ability to take 100% responsibility for every condition in our life.  So often we just tell our children “because I said so”, or “that is how it was always done”.  We do not take this opportunity for the true gift it is – a chance review our beliefs and strengthen or alter them.  Bless them when they ask questions, no matter how simple they may seem and look deep within before responding.

One of the best books I’ve read which explains where our beliefs come from and the challenge to changing them is The One Percenter’s Mind:7 Steps to Beating Fear, Doubt, and Indecision…and How to Get Anything You Want, by Sean Croxton.   Powerful stuff – Simple, but not easy.

Therefore I will continue to question – and in doing so continue to get better and take 100% responsibility for my life.  How about you?