Genes + Epigenics = who we are

Things outside of our genes can influence how our genes are expressed.  We can make changes in our environment.  Thus can we control our own health?

Matt Riemann speaks to this in his TED talk.

The field of genomics aids us in knowing what variance we have within our gene.  With this knowledge, we can make informed choices for environmental influences.

Genomics Solutions Now offers a variety of DNA tests looking at known genetic variations across many different physiological, biochemical, and metabolic systems which may then provide incite into the best options for your epigentic lifestyle choices.

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Would you like to learn what variances are within your genes which may be holding you back from your greatest self?

Would you like to know what foods, workouts or environmental options are best for you?

I will help you choose the best Genomic test for your situation and offer you a FREE consultation on how to apply the results.  All Genomic Solutions Now tests are 20% off thru Dec 15th.  Learn what changes you can make in your lifestyle to influence your genes in a positive way.