One of the best ways to really grow your confidence in a subject or area is via embodied knowledge.  This is something Ed Dailey  refers to by using many senses and skills such as listening, learning, first hand experience.

For the month of September 2016 join me in a 30 Day NingXia challenge where we will apply embodied knowledge creating a solid base of knowledge and confidence in understanding, using and sharing the Young Living NingXia products.  On open forum for all to access comments and share postings will be on my Facebook page

Please use #NingXiaEveryday on your posts.

Lindsey Elmore puts forth this challenge about minute 18 in the NingXia Red video below.

Stock up on your Young Living  NingXia Products now to embrace embodied knowledge here.

If you do not yet have a Young Living account, may I suggest creating your wholesale account by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit with NingXia If you are ready to do this before Aug 31st I may have a $20 coupon for you!  Contact me.


Each week let’s all share a fact or experience about the products and their ingredients.

Week 1: Sept 1 – 8 NingXia Red

Week 2: Sept 9 – 15 NingXia Zyng

Week 3: Sept 16 – 22 NingXia Nitro

Week 4: Sept 23 – 30 Celebrate the NingXia Wolfberry


373-60As with any lifestyle change you do need to use it for at least 21 days to notice a difference.  Often you will feel difference when you stop.  As Lindsey Elmore says with NingXia, “Once you pop you can’t stop.”

I personally use the NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro everyday and the wolfberries several times a week.  I will share my experiences in the NingXia Challenge throughout September.

I look forward to seeing you on Facebook!  Get your products and questions ready.