microbiome coupleThe Creature’s Within talked about how there is a microbiome in all parts of our bodies.

Mouth, vaginal – important inoculation at birth etc.  The makeup of the biology within our own bodies can play a role in our well-being from things such as dry eye, dental health, mental function and well-being to toe nail fungus.

With the holiday of love in the air, we must also consider the effect our microbiomes have on others and their microbiomes have on us.  It is often stated that children in homes with pets have stronger immune systems.  That is because of the sharing of microbiota from pet to child.

This also occurs between family members.

microbe heart1Kissing and more intimate acts are a definitive sharing of microbiota.

While this image may not conger up the most pleasant thoughts, it is worthy of consideration.  You and your mate share not only emotional love and physical passion, but also your creatures within.   This has an impact on your physical and mental health and well-being.

I have a client who asked me about this issue.  He noticed that his health challenges began shortly after starting his relationship with his wife who exhibited GAPS™ behaviors.  Thus he was seeking the GAP™ protocol to heal and seal his gut.

Think about it.  A child is inoculated with their microbiome at birth when exiting the birth canal.  This microbiome has been created by both mother and father and sets the stage for their well-being.

A good doctor will tell a woman dealing with vaginal yeast issues that in order to keep this issue from returning, she must not only treat herself, but her partner as well.  The same should go for jock itch.

So when you gaze into the eyes of your beloved, look for the inner glow of health—or the absence of it—and understand that you are falling in love with an entire world of beings.

Do you want your worlds to collide?

microbe worlds