This week my husband and I are attending Young Living’s Winter Harvest at the Highland Flats farm in Naples, Idaho.  This is an opportunity open to all in Young Living to come to the farm, be a part of the seed to seal process, experience products, share in fellowship and so much more.


This was our first full day on the farm and it started with a wagon ride to the tree farm and the opportunity to cut down a blue spruce tree.  Load them up to bring to the chipper to be distilled in the next few days of which we will be a part.





Next we had a beauty school or handsome school as the men were calling it.  Here we learned about and experienced many of the Young Living beauty products and even made our own body scrub and body spray.


The fellowship and sharing amongst all the members and staff has been a heartfelt journey.  We all have so much to learn from and give to each other.

We even had a talk on all the testing Young Living does for all of their products as well as a tour of the lab here on the farm.  The thoroughness and technology levels are astounding.

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I have yet to mention that we are fed three wonderful meals

a day with many of the meals made with Young Living products such as the einkorn pancake, einkorn spaghetti, NingXia Berry Syrup, Silique tea and essential oils.

Each day there is the opportunity to use the workout room, hot tubs and sauna.  The hot tubs are filled with the floral waters created from the distillation process here done here on the farm.  Talk about repurposing.

All in all, this first day has been filled with such a variety of experiences.  I look forward to the opportunities yet to come.  The seed to seal process within Young Living can be experience by all on so many levels.

When will you attend a Young Living harvest?