When my children were toddlers and they would have a fever or illness, it would take both my husband and I give them Children’s Tylenol.  One of us would have to hold the child on our lap, strapping down the wiggling body, while the other would squeeze their cheeks to force the liquid down.  This was not a fun thing to do to a child who did not feel well, but I was unaware of other options.

Then I found Young Living essential oils.  The kids embraced the oils and would happily take them topically or internally for any health condition.  They actively got involved in selecting the oils to drop into a spoonful of honey when ill.  Or would allow me to rub it on their feet or back to bring down a fever.  No more fight and struggle. No more nasty, synthetic “medicines”; Peace, engagement, and healing.


I was introduced to Young Living 10 years ago and I enrolled in April 2006.

I was drawn to the natural products and how they could support myself and my family in gentle, yet effective ways.  I had a friend who knew Young Living and enrolled with me, but I had no intentions to “build a business”.   I could not then imagine that Young Living was to show me so many options for living a life filled with wellness, purpose and abundance.


At the same time that I was introduced to Young Living I had just made a major life change and had begun my journey in Holistic Nutrition.  I was working on my Master’s and changing my life with diet, connecting within through Tai Chi, and shifting my connections by reaching out to groups which held and practiced my new beliefs.  Initially I would often feel a pull between learning more about essential oils and my nutrition studies, yet I knew the two were complements.

Forward now almost 10 years and I use Young Living products in many ways every day. I have my own business Reclaim Reconnect Renew LLC which includes Young Living.  Young Living has opened up opportunities for travel– around the globe as well as deep within myself.  Honestly, the personal growth has led to the most rewarding opportunities and the most challenging.   I don’t see this personal growth ever ending.

I have come to realize that by growing within, embracing my purpose – “To help people with chronic and genetic health issues who are frustrated with their previous results and want to take back control of their health.” –  allows others to be better individuals in both health and wealth and able to make their intended mark on the world.

By living my life’s purpose, I support others to live their purpose, and this ripples out all around me.


Eric Worre did a poll asking many top leaders “What do you like most about Network Marketing. “

  1. Products
  2. Income
  3. Relationships
  4. Personal growth


Honestly, I feel these tend to be the answer to WHY one follows their Network Marketing Journey.

1) I know initially I “did Young Living” because I love the products.

2)This love lends naturally to sharing.  Through sharing I realized the income potential, which can then become your WHY.

3)Personally what has been my driving force or WHY has been the relationships.  Young Living has brought countless beautiful people into my world.  I am grateful for them all and amazed by all that they do.

4) Now WHY I am in Young Living is the personal growth opportunities this provides.  Young Living has allowed me to stretch my wings in ways I would have never imagined; leadership, technological, skills, relationships, public speaking, travel adventures and much more. I’m am excited and challenged by the opportunities which lie ahead.

why you do

Are you looking for your WHY?

 Think about what challenges you.  What makes you happy.  What leads you into more positive relationships and personal growth.  Then take a leap into your future.

If you feel Young Living may be for you, connect with me and learn more at www.essentialoilscience.com