Engaging in your food supply is such an exciting activity!  I get giddy meeting farmers and seeing their practices.

Who would have thought that as a young girl watching Star Trek, I thought

“Wow, wouldn’t it be cool one day to simply take a pill for your meals.”

Sad to say that back then most of what I ate came from a box.  Times have changed.

I now know where the majority of my meat products come from – having met the farmers and visited many of the farms too.

One meat I don’t eat much of, nor have connections with is fish.

Well, this October I had the priviledge to meet and tour a trout farm SunBurst Trout


20151019_141115Wes Eason gave us a full tour of the processing facilities.  Note, they do share this freely on their website too Our Process

Love the transparency.

We even had the opportunity to sample that days fresh roe.  Wow, it is so not salty/briney when fresh.  Wonderful taste experience.

The day was beautiful and thus a great time to view the runs and the rest of the farm.




Complete with composting20151019_151049

If you plan a visit, you do need to order your fresh filet ahead of time in order to be included in that days processing. Wow, again fresh filets were fantastic for dinner and we even used their Best Trout Recipe Ever  Simple and Yummy

Online ordering is available.  Enjoy!