I love my farmer

Know your farmer is a motto I have enjoyed following for many years now.

One of the reasons I am committed to Young Living is because the founder Gary Young, deep down is truly a farmer.  Young Living owns farms around the globe. you may visit the farms and even have the opportunity to work during harvest or planting seasons.

I just registered for Young Living Winter Harvest with my husband; so excited to experience working on the farm.

At the harvest, you can look forward to:

  • Playing a vital role as we harvest, process, prepare, and distill balsam fir and/or blue spruce essential oils
  • Working alongside and learning from Young Living team members as you participate in Seed to Seal
  • Discovering a new appreciation of Young Living’s commitment to quality and authenticity
  • Making new friends and lasting memories
  • Participating in product training, Raindrop, etc.

winter harvest 2016

Join us if you can or plan to attend in the future.

I love YL Oils.