If you’re active on social media and see news about the GAPS Diet and Real Foods movement, you may have heard about the concerns about the safety and efficacy of Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil products.

Dr. Kaayla Daniel has issued a report called “Hook Line and Stinker” on independent research she conducted on the purity and nutrient levels of Green Pasture cod liver oil. Get the full 111 page report here. 

Dr. Daniel is the Vice President of the Weston A. Price foundation, which is an organization that recommends Green Pasture products. Her concerns were brought to the attention of the WAPF Board of Directors last year who immediately looked into this matter. Independent lab results from the Leicester School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Leicester, UK found no signs of rancidity in Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil. The full findings as well as test results showing no markers of putrefaction can be found at:  http://www.westonaprice.org/uncategorized/concerns-about-fermented-cod-liver-oil/

Kaayla Daniels is someone I admire and respect for her books and research. Following up on her concerns against the wishes of WAPF like this could not have been easy for her.

Green Pasture is a company that I respect, and I have taken and recommended their products for about 8 years. I have seen marked improvements in my health and well-being using their products.  I certainly don’t want to recommend potentially rancid oils to my clients and the GAPS community! I am still taking my daily dose of CLO and using it with my children.

Green Pasture is a small business that I believe produces products with integrity and care. I don’t want to be part of any panic reaction that might wrongly put them out of business. Read their response here and look at their Vitamin D testing here.

Reading all these reports and properly comparing is not a simple task.  Details are from different labs and results may not directly compare.  I am not an expert at reading and understanding the research on either side. A good review of the research by another individual I respect is from Chris Kresser.

So, what do you do now?

Find what works for you as an individual – Listen to your body.

  • Have you felt a difference with FCLO?
  • Have you tested your Vitamin D level and found it low while taking FCLO?
  • Have you Muscle Tested or used a Functional Evaluation that showed it was the right product for you?

If the Green Pasture products are helping you, continue to take the product or not.  Honor your internal compass.  Other brands I’ve seen recommendations for but I have not tried include: Nordic Naturals or Rosita.

You may also get your Vitamin D from natural sources such as: