Essential Peels were released at the 2015 Young Living Convention

Essential Peel DescriptionThese are an essential oil cotton swatch in a pocket pack.

Ideal for

  • on-the-go use
  • sharing with others
  • sending to school with your children
  • use in shoes or a gym bag
  • and more!  Be creative

They contain a swatch of essential oil (30%)  mixed with coconut oil (70%).  You can leave the swatch in the pouch and use as needed aromatically or topically.

One Young Living worker shared his peel which he had been using for 45 days.

Essential Peel Uses

Essential Peel Usage1

These are a new option presently available with Peppermint and Lavender essential oils.  Try yours today and give your feedback to Young Living at

Here is a sharable PDF on these products:

To order go to your account at or open an account here

If you are on my Young Living team – you can earn swatches for every member you enroll in August and September 2015.