Several years ago I treated myself to what I thought would be my one and only bottle of Rose essential oil from Young Living.  I have treasured this exquisite oil often just opening the bottle to smell as Rose Oil is as rare as it is coveted, requiring hundreds of thousands of rose petals to produce just a few precious ounces of Essential Oil.


The Oil distilled from the Rosa damascena flower has a beautiful and sweet fragrance that has been used both topically and aromatically for thousands of years for everything from beautiful skin to emotional wellness.  This past year I found myself using this oil more topically – in my facial oil, in my personal diffuser and over my liver for emotional support.

…Rose oil opens the heart chakra, allows love to be given and received.  Stimulates creativity, especially useful in meditation that involves visualization…”  The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia, pg 141

Since ancient times, the mystical Rose has been used as a symbol of the soul, evoking the essence of spiritual renaissance.  This queen amongst the flowers contains the most precious of all heavenly scents.  The glorious Rose enfolds the soul within its own fragrant song, aligning it with the higher angelic realms.”  The Blossoming Heart by Robbi Zeck ND

Challenges I faced in opening my heart chakra and enfolding my soul were blocked by issues with my mother whom I lost over a decade ago.  When asked what comes to mind as an oil for my mom, my immediate response was Rose.  I had associated the flower with my mother having moved some of the Roses from my childhood home to my current house, yet I had never thought of the essential oil.

The compassion of the flower is revealed through its ability to heal emotional wounds.  When rejection or loss has injured our capacity for self-love and –nurturing, rose oil brings a sweet, gentle comfort, binding the heart-strings of the Mind (shen).  Bringing warmth to a soul grown cold through abuse or hurt, rose oil can touch the deepest despair, restoring the trust that makes it possible to love again.”  Aromatherapy for the Healing Spirit by Gabriel Mojay pg. 113

Opening up to the wonders of Rose Oil can be challenging when one looks at just the dollar cost, but know that this may be a once in a lifetime purchase which can aid you in your transformation to your highest self.  In other words – honor your value, you are worth it!


Wednesday, August 12, to Saturday, August 20, 2015 each 5-ml bottle of Rose Oil will be 15 % off with no purchase limit! While supplies last.

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