All parts of the body are interconnected on many levels: physical, cellular, energetic, electromagnetic.

I heard Douglas Cook, DDS give a presentation titled Hidden Problems in St. Louis September 2013. Most of the presentation may be viewed here

Dr. Cook quotes Dr. Voll stating,

“If you know one thing, know the tooth energy chart and its inter-relationship of teeth and organ systems. It can be the teeth causing a problem for the organ, or the organ causing a problem in the tooth. 80 – 90% of systemic problems are caused or influenced by the oral cavity.”

This is the chart to which he is referring:

You may also find an interactive chart at I do recommend downloading the Oral Mouth Map and spend 20 minutes recording where the issues are in your mouth. Then use the above chart, this PDF or the interactive chart to see your story within.

Again our daily habits and choices either support our health or detract from it. Perhaps some of the choices we made at the hands of others are a factor as well. When we put our health in the hands of others they may not know what is truly best for us as described in Dr. Yu’s article Dental Death Trap: Murder by Dentists

To find a local biological dentist near you use Learn about safe options for removal of metals from your mouth and healthy alternatives.

Returning to Dr. Cook’s presentation, he ended it with a list of simple changes one can make to increase health and decrease toxicity.

  1. Remove labels from clothing. This is not just a fetish for some people. The dyes used on the label may contain toxic or irritating substances.
  2. Watch for Formaldehyde.
    Found in many products such as particle board, plywood, paneling, pressed-wood products and urea formaldehyde foam insulation. Some synthetic fabrics, especially permanent press, shampoos and cosmetics may also contain small amounts.
  3. Avoid hair dye. These are a burden to the body as they contain many chemicals including iron oxide
  4. Watch for things which impede your energetic flow such as:

He commented that clothing plays an important part in energy function. Think about it – most Swami’s wear certain colors and generally attire made of cotton. This is one area I’d like to become better aware. I can know how my food is grown and choose where it comes from, but this is not as easily done with clothing.

Manage what you can. One step at a time.

There are many small lifestyle changes which can be made to support your healing and overall well-being. Overlooking the oral cavity may be a primary issue.