After you enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey, don’t forget to keep the carcass to make broth. Broth is such a nourishing and healing food and should be a part of all diets.  Some of the nutrients found in broth include gelatin and collagen provided which support many tissues of the body including, cartilage, bones, joints, muscles, skin, and the digestive tract. Read more here: One Simple Change for Overall Health

But if you don’t have the bones or the time or inkling to make your own …

Did you know that you may add these supplements to your broth, soups, stews, beverages and more?

Vital Proteins’ Collagen Supplements support:

Skin, Hair and Nails:

  • Promote youthful skin
  • Improve skin moisture level
  • Improve skin smoothness
  • Improve skin suppleness
  • Stimulate new collagen production
  • Building blocks to healthy hair & nails

Lean Body & Athletic Performance

  • Increase athletic performance
  • Maintain a lean body
  • Satiating protein to lose and maintain weight
  • Maintain nitrogen balance for muscle growth
  • Reduce recovery time form physical activity
  • Reduce risk of exercise-related injuries

Joint and Bone Health

  • Supports bone & joint health

Collagen Peptides and Collagen Protein both offer the same amino acids and nutritional benefit. They are slightly different in application.

Collagen Peptides: Our peptides offer a convenient form to add collagen to your diet.  You may add our peptides to cold or hot beverages such as a smoothie, juice, water, tea, or coffee, as well as a variety of foods such as oatmeal and yogurt.  Our peptides will not “gel” in cold liquids and they do not alter the texture or thicken liquids. A great way to add nutrients to your present foods.

Collagen Protein: Our protein product will solidify or “gel” in cold liquids and as a result, it is ideal for hot beverages such as herbal tea, hot juices, or a protein pumpkin spice coffee.  Hot liquids with collagen protein will solidify once cooled.  Our Collagen Protein is a 100% Pasture-Raised Beef Gelatin and is a stable in many recipes and can be used to make fruit gelatin, healthy gummy snacks, or added to soups an broths as a nutritious protein booster and thickener.  Watch for fruit snack recipe coming soon.

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