Did you realize we now have five seasons a year? Spring, summer, fall, winter and flu!

Not to make light of the miserable feeling that comes with having the flu but “flu season” has become its own cottage industry. The trouble is that it’s hard to discern the hype from the reality, and the validity of the benefit from getting a flu shot is certainly debatable and suspect.

In this day, when dangerous diseases and virulent viruses challenge our health from all sides, it is imperative that we build a “Zone of Protection” around our home and family. I imagine that Zone as a force field so strong that viruses, bacteria, and sickness bounce off harmlessly. I feel protected everywhere I go, because I use the Thieves Family of Products. This posting shows many of the Thieves products that Young Living customers depend on to create their own Essential Zones of Protection. You can too – at work, when traveling – wherever you go. But first, let me tell you the story of Thieves.

How Thieves™ Came to Young Living
Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend was created based on the historical tale of a band of thieves in 15th century France. These men, who may have been spice merchants, successfully avoided contracting the plague by rubbing themselves with cloves, rosemary, cinnamon and other aromatics on their bodies before robbing their victims. After researching numerous stories written about these robbers and other medieval texts, D. Gary Young developed the formula now known as Thieves essential oil blend. And now, today’s scientists confirm that the same essential oils the robbers used are powerful antimicrobial agents.

Hundreds of Scientific Reports Confirm the Antimicrobial Action of Essential Oils in Thieves Blend
“In recent years (1987-2001) a large number of essential oils and their constituents have been investigated for their antimicrobial properties… in more than 500 reports. Essential oils of spices and herbs (Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Cinnamon, Sage, and Clove) were found to possess the strongest antimicrobial properties among the many tested.

Thieves Blend™ was found to have a 99.6 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria, during rigorous testing at Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

When Ancient Tradition Links with Modern Society: Thieves™ Blend
Fast forward – 20th century, Young Living Essential Oils begins testing Thieves™ Blend, a proprietary combination of cinnamon, clove and rosemary essential oils for its potent antimicrobial properties. Now the power of Thieves can be found in over a dozen products, from toothpaste and mouthwash, to cleaning products, hand soaps and even throat lozenges. The Thieves Family of Products offers safe, natural alternatives to toxic, mass-marketed personal and home care products. Read on for quick tips on using the personal care products at home or on the go.

Thieves™ Blend Product Line: Boost Immune System – Naturally.
In the morning and at bedtime, apply 1-2 drops of Thieves to the soles of your feet. Then, cup hands around your nose and inhale deeply for 2-3 minutes.

Thieves™ Blend is so effective and popular – that there is an entire line of germ fighting products to choose from: Sore Throat Lozenges; Household Cleansing Spray; Bar Soap; Foaming Hand Soap, Toothpaste; and Mouthwash.

Kill Germs that Cause Bad Breath, Gum Disease
Clean teeth, fresh mouth, no harsh abrasives or alcohol are reasons you’ll like all three Dentarome toothpastes and Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash. However, what you’ll appreciate is that they deliver Thieves oil directly to the gumline. According to periodontist Robert Hoskyns, DMD, “Certain essential oils kill the bacteria around the gumline which cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. The essential oils’ primary benefit to patients is the acceleration of gum healing and shrinkage due to their antibacterial action.”

Now you can begin your Zone of Protection, with help from the Thieves Family. To get started today, try the Thieves Essential Rewards Pack. You’ll stock up at great savings. Click here to view more information on Thieves!

Our family favorite for cold/flu prevention and supoprt is Inner Defense a capsule of Thieves blend, Oregano oils, Thyme and Lemongrass. These oils create an unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, viruses and more while promoting healthy respiratory function.

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