You are what you eat.

You’ve heard this many times before, haven’t you?

Well, I’m here to take that statement one step further…You are what you DIGEST.

We’ve all heard how important it is to eat organically…grass-fed…pasture-raised and free-roaming…all-natural…the list goes on and on of what of what it means to eat healthfully.

But how many of us are considering how much of that good nutrition is actually making it into our bodies?

What if I told you there is an incredibly important, inevitably overlooked component to eating well that has direct impact on how those expensive ingredients are actually put to use in our body?  What if all the good ingredients in the world don’t make a difference to your body if you’re unable to digest them and get them working for you? 

Well, that important piece goes beyond the ingredients…it looks at HOW the ingredients are prepared

It’s hard to believe, but research is finding that this step is having a HUGE impact on health.  Modern food manufacturing methods have completely overlooked this critical step in the rush to get us more food, cheaply.  And we are paying for this misstep, with issues ranging from digestive concerns like Celiac Disease, IBS, Crohn’s, food intolerances, all the way to autoimmune issues and systemic allergic responses (to name but a few.)

But there is hope in reversing this trend, and it revolves around simple techniques that our ancestors used to get the most from the foods they ate.  And before you say you have no time for cooking foods with methods like these, let me tell you that it takes MUCH less of your time and effort than you would ever imagine…and the results in health, vitality and vibrancy speak for themselves.

These simple methods are part of an increasingly well-known concept: Predigestion.  This is where we allow certain food preparation techniques to do the “heavy lifting” of digestion for us, freeing up our body’s energy to do other important requirements.  And this is something our bodies are totally expecting, but which has been largely lost in the last 70 years of food manufacturing (quite possibly longer.)

You are always welcome to join me live with my Healing Foods Classes or my colleague, Sarica Cernohous, has a brand new program that will show you how to harness these methods in a simple, step-by-step manner, in less time and with less effort than you can imagine.  It’s called, “Fresh, Fun and Flavorful in The Funky Kitchen” and you can get all the details and reserve your spot here

imagineImagine coming home from a busy day to a house that smells divine with a warm, home-cooked meal.
Imagine the vibrancy you and your family would feel, eating nutritious meals that contain ingredients you choose—rather than what is dictated by food manufacturers and takeout restaurants, where their first concern is costs and the bottom line—not your wellness!
Imagine creating meals in less time than it takes to stop in at the deli counter at the grocery store or sitting in your car for takeout—and at a fraction of the cost.
Imagine the energy and clarity you would feel, eating truly nutritious meals regularly, to fuel your body in a way that shake mixes, energy bars, boxed, canned and frozen foods can never match.

This is what you can expect when you eat foods that have been prepared in a way that maximizes the nutrition they hold.  These techniques are like a key that unlocks the nutrition bound in even the healthiest of foods.

Go sign up now and start enjoying the tools that can make all the difference in your wellness and vitality.

Watch Sarica’s 1 hour overview on these topics here