I have been trying to listen to 1 or 2 of the talks presented each day at the Evolution of Medicine Summit going on Sept 8 -15, 2014.

I cannot keep these information to myself – please try and listen or order the talks to listen at your leisure.

Today I heard Dr. Terry Wahls speaking about her journey healing from MS – multiple sclerosis.

When asked “What would you tell to other patients looking down the barrel of a disease like MS” her response was

“We mistakenly bought the message that our DNA caused the disease. The DNA does not cause chronic disease. The DNA interacts with

  • your food choices
  • you choices in movement
  • toxin exposure
  • activity level
  • stress
  • sleep
  • every aspect of your life that will speak with your genes to create the health of your body.

And your body can either be

healthy disease resistant or

inflamed sickly disease prone.

Health is not going to be from your drugs. It will be from learning how to take your diet and lifestyle choices to the most health promoting ones that you can make. it starts one step at a time. It will be easier to do this with your family and the support of friends, but begin the journey. The Wahls Protocol is one roadmap to help you find that journey on how you can address diet and lifestyle to create that healthy disease resistant phenotype that will begin your recovery. ”

Evolving medicine means that we are learning new things and using new techniques constantly.   If you aren’t constantly educating yourself about the evolution of medicine, how will you expect to stay
at the forefront of your own health?

The Evolution of Medicine Summit will shine a light on the work of more than 30 innovators leading
these changes, and set a unique vision for a more empowered, proactive and patients­ value focused healthcare system.

Whether you’re a health professional or someone who wants to be healthier,
The Evolution of Medicine Summit will show you the future of healthcare.

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