I want to testify that Renee Renz was critical to my success in healing from multiple auto-immune and digestive problems.  I suffered from 15 years of migraine headaches, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, anemia, joint pain, adrenal fatigue and muscle weakness.  Two years ago my fatigue, brain fog and memory loss were so bad I began to look at healing through diet.  


Even though I was gluten-free and dairy-free, my diet had a lot of white sugar in it and not very much good healthy fats or grass-fed meats.  I was drinking a lot of fresh veggie juice, however, without the good fats, the toxins were not able to be removed which made my symptoms worse.  Renee helped me get ready for the GAPS Intro diet and supported me throughout the stages.  It takes at least 12-24 months to heal on GAPS.  I was surprised to find out that the first six months especially were difficult due to the de-toxing of my body.  I would have probably given up if I was trying on my own.  


With Renee’s encouragement and support through advice on the GAPS diet, best enzymes to take, getting extra sleep and rest, essential oils for anti-fungal (getting rid of candida), de-tox baths, vitamin C cleanse, parasite treatments and use of colonics (coffee enemas), I was finally seeing my symptoms subside after so many years of suffering.  What I liked best about Renee was her calm approach and her faith in me that I would know best what to do at times by listening to my own body.   Because she instilled such a trust in my own abilities, over time I became more confident with my new lifestyle and feel able now to make decisions more on my own.  After 16 months on GAPS, my health is the best it’s ever been, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.  Now I can even tolerate raw dairy (yogurt, cheese, sour cream, butter) which I never thought I would have again.  Please note, I did find it helpful to go for a few months with no eggs as well as no night shades.  


Renee is a true healer and I feel so deeply grateful for having met her.  Being on GAPS is a big commitment, but it’s so empowering to see how you can support your body to heal itself.  How wonderful to know we do not have to accept chronic sickness.  That by the small choices we make each day, we can instead by vibrantly healthy!