DIetA four letter word which gets bad rap; generally as a short term habit for weight loss.

Diet is from the Greek diaita meaning mode of living, and from diaitan meaning to direct one’s own life.  Diet should refer to your lifestyle habit patterns of what you feed your body, mind and soul.  Your diet is what creates the cells of tomorrow and affects your overall health and wellbeing.

The letters can be rearranged to spell TIED.  knot

Are you tied to your diet?  Depending on your condition sometimes you need to be.  When dealing with cancers – diets without sugars, high in vegetables, and low in proteins seem to be beneficial in returning he body to balance.  IBS, Chrohns, ulcerative colitis – Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) has been shown to be effective.  For some time one must be tied to a particular type of diet.  Tied to a diet is not a bad thing – it is a choice and a self-discipline to relearn the “words” of the language of wellness.  Tuning in to how your body feels when eating certain foods will help you.  Honestly one should have a tie to their diet as a feedback loop.

A third word is EDITedit

As the language of the body becomes natural one can then edit behaviors and make educated discoveries regarding ones wellness and the language there in.  Evaluate how individual habits fit in the whole and whether or not they can stay, be rewritten or altered, or eliminated allows one to create the best diet for individual wellness.

Tibetan medicine teaches that illness is a language that communicated the interacting forces of the mind and body. This language is common throughout the world, but many of us have forgotten what the “words” mean.  We can no longer understand our own illness, or those of others  Christopher Hansard Tibetan Art of Living

A final remix of the letters gives you TIDE.tide

Diet is a tide; the ebb and flow; intake, assimilation, elimination.

All of life is a tide

  • inhale-exhale
  • up – down
  • happy – sad
  • yin-yang

the challenge is in finding balance, riding the waves and finding that still point within.

Tides can be altered.  At the Science of Storms exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry and there was a hand-on exhibit where one can alter the frequency and amplitude of a wave and see how it hits the shore – is it a gentle ebb and flow or a tsunami?  What sort of tides are you creating with your habits?

Health is like the tide; a process, not static or a constant experience. 

Each person’s energy is continuously changing. 

Allow me to help you turn the tides to find your true wellness within.