Your classes helped me so much to have a better understanding on how to follow key aspects of the GAPS diet. All information you and Edie gave us was so interesting, and so new. Having you to prepare the recipes in class and bringing some treats for us to taste made the difference because we could see that it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed in writing. For beginners the GAPS diet can be overwhelming, but you and Edie made feel it feel doable by anybody.

I can’t think of anything that could be improved. The length of the class was good but I was so into the class that I would happily have stayed longer if the class had lasted longer.

I thought it was very generous of you to gives the kefir grains, the sauerkraut, and recipes to take home, I am an expert now on the beet kvass and is my favorite drink, I also ferment cabbage and pickles. and that’s how I get my probiotics consistently . I haven’t made any other fermented drinks but I’m looking forward to do it in the near future.

Edie and you are very much approachable and even if I’m a shy person, I always felt comfortable asking as many questions as I felt I needed and felt very satisfied with your answers.

I am really grateful and appreciate your hard work and effort you put into the program. I admire your labor as it makes a difference in the GAPS people’s lives because you could translate what you read in the book to the practical side of the diet. I feel your program is a great source of support and saves us many headaches. time and energy in trying to figuring things out for ourselves.

I enjoyed the classes so much that I will follow you in some other classes in the future. I also like the idea of meeting other GAPS people as well.

Thank you so much to Edie and you, Renee. I hope you have a great summer.